Prehospital Medicine and EMS Fellowship

ACGME Accredited EMS Fellowship

For over 30 years Regions EMS has been leading the East Metro in providing state of the art prehospital emergency care. Our Prehospital Medicine/EMS Fellowship is accredited by the ACGME. Our belief that critical care begins in the street guides our coordination of prehospital and in-hospital emergency care. Our department provides a full spectrum of on and off line EMS medical direction including research, patient care, education and quality improvement.  In 2010 we expanded to include our first prehospital medicine fellow.  The fellowship will provide a broad based prehospital experience including EMS, disaster medicine and event medicine. This site will give additional information about the opportunities and responsibilities of a prehospital medicine fellow at Regions. You may contact us at with inquiries. For more information on our department, please visit our website by clicking the hyperlink: Regions EMS

Our faculty include 4 board certified EMS physicians that work in collaboration with experienced prehospital personnel, critical care and emergency RNs, education professionals and research coordinators. The fellow will work closely alongside our team throughout the fellowship.

Current Faculty

Program Director: Dr. Kari Haley (EMS ’16)

Assistant Program Director: Dr. Bjorn Peterson (EMS ’13)

Fellowship Components

Emergency Medical Services

The EMS component of the fellowship aims to integrate the fellow into all aspects of on and off line medical direction.  Fellows with be provided with a radio for home online medical control as well as access to a response vehicle for on-scene physician response.  At Regions, we supervise 40 EMS agencies and 1500 providers over a broad geographic area covering 2 states.  Our agencies range from urban to rural, full time to volunteer, and in house vs home response. There are single tiered, dual tiered and police-EMS combined systems. We provide medical direction to the area’s only critical care transport agency which includes both fixed wing and rotary air ambulances. In addition, Regions Hospital is the source of online medical control for all 40 agencies through the Medical Resource Control Center located in the Regions ED.

Disaster Medicine:

The fellow will participate in disaster planning on the hospital, local and state level.  Our EMS physicians are integrated at all levels of disaster planning. Opportunities to work in the pre-event organization and planning phases will be stressed. At the fellow’s discretion there are opportunities for certification in Advanced HazMat Life Support.

Event/Mass Gathering Medicine:

The fellow will gain experience in planning, implementing and analyzing medical coverage for scheduled events with large gatherings of people. Our team includes an event medicine team that staffs events such as the MN State Fair, local marathons, NHL and NFL games and community festivals occur within our coverage area which includes the state capitol.


The didactic curriculum of the fellowship is designed to ensure that the fellow develops the necessary fundamental knowledge to provide competent prehospital care. Our didactics include weekly fellowship meetings, journal club and involvement in the Regions Emergency Medicine Residency critical care conference.  The texts Prehospital Emergency Care and Disaster Medicine are recommended. There is a heavy emphasis on primary, peer reviewed literature.

Regions Hospital:

Regions Hospital is a tertiary care facility which serves as the referral center for the East metro and Western Wisconsin communities. It is an accredited level 1 adult and pediatric trauma center as well as a burn, stroke and heart center.  There is a 3 year emergency medicine residency which has expanded to 10 residents/year starting in 2010. The hospital opened a new Emergency Department in 2010 which sees 70,000 patients per year with 750 trauma team activations. There is also a dedicated library as well as conference and office space.  The HealthPartners clinical simulation division has high fidelity adult and pediatric mannequins. The residency is affiliated with the University of Minnesota department of Emergency Medicine and educates medical, nursing and physician assistant students.

Resident Associate Medical Director 

This is an option for residents who are seeking a more in-depth EMS experience in preparation for an EMS Fellowship or clinical medical direction following graduation from residency.

Fellowship Alumni

2011: Dr. Aaron Burnett (EM ’10), Assistant medical director Regions EMS, MN State medical director

2013: Dr. Bjorn Peterson (EM ’12), Assistant medical director Regions EMS

2014: Dr. Eric Ernst

2015: Dr. Christopher Ward

2016: Dr. Kari Haley, Assistant medical director Regions EMS

2018: Dr. Abraham Campos

2019: Dr. Elizabeth Robinson

2020: Dr. Aaron Klassen

2021: Dr. Zachary Finn

2022: Dr. Joseph Lippert

2023: Dr. Haley Taormina

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