Educating the next generation
of emergency medicine physicians


  • ACGME Approved Emergency Medicine Residency Program
  • 36 month residency program format
  • Level 1 Adult and Pediatric Trauma Center
  • Serving St. Paul metropolitan area, greater Minnesota, and Western Wisconsin

PA Fellowship

  • Designed to meet the requirements for Clinical Post Graduate PA Programs for ARC-PA (accreditation process undergoing reevaluation)
  • 18 month Clinical Rotation Schedule
  • Collaborates with the physician EM residency program
  • March and June start dates available


Square feet of clinical space


Treatment rooms


Care areas (pods)


bed care pods for crisis/behavioral health

Why I’m a resident

I chose emergency medicine because I like the workup aspect of EM. I like the fact that one can perform a workup over the course of a couple hours instead of several days. The procedural aspect of emergency medicine is also why I chose it as I like working with my hands and enjoy sewing someone up or performing the random procedures a patient needs. EM also allows me to explore other avenues of medicine that I am interested in such as Sports Medicine. For me I kept comparing other rotations in medical school to EM and when I did that, I would find myself wanting to be in EM more than being in the OR or clinic.

I enjoy that residency is where truly the rubber meets the road. It’s “enjoyable” being in uncomfortable situations that require me to rely on my knowledge and application skills to take care of a patient. In residency we truly have the responsibility to take care of a patient which is scary but being in a place like Regions it allows me to fully take responsibility of my patients in an environment that is safe and effective for learning. I enjoy that I have co-interns who are going through the same struggles with me so that we all have a shared experience of difficult cases that we can talk about and support one another through. I also enjoy the fact that we get paid!

Josh Loiseau, MD (Class of 2023)
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Living in the Twin Cities

The Twin Cities is a terrific place to live. Not only is it absolutely beautiful in the North Star State, you can actually afford to live, work, and play here. You’ll find that Minnesota is one of the best states for health care in the nation. And yes, “Minnesota Nice” is a real thing. These reasons make Minnesota one of the best states to learn and practice medicine.