With everything that has happened in our country and the world over the past few months, we’ve been thinking a lot about how we as a program can contribute to doing things better and making our community a better place for all people moving forward.  We will internally continue to learn, grow and act on healthcare disparities and racism in our community.  Please see the attached statement from Andrea Walsh, President and CEO of HealthPartners.  We are proud to be a HealthPartners residency program.  https://regionsem.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/A-message-from-Andrea_-Our-resolve-together-.pdf

Introducing the Class of 2023

The Regions Emergency Medicine Residency is sponsored by the HealthPartners Institute. The Institute is the clinical learning arm of HealthPartners and consists of Office of Health Professional Education, which administers residencies at Regions Hospital, HealthPartners Simulation and Regions Hospital Medical Library.

Wellness is key to the success of any resident. For information about our Resident Assistance Program, view via the HealthPartners Institute website or view via the MMCGME website.