Post-residency training opportunities:

Medical Toxicology

The practice of evaluating and treating poisonings, overdoses, envenomations, and exposures to environmental and occupational toxins.


Pediatric Emergency Medicine fellowship training available to graduates of either pediatric or emergency medicine residency training programs.

Prehospital Medicine/EMS

Full spectrum of emergency care including innovative medical direction, extensive education offerings and EMS quality assurance.

International Emergency Medicine

Emphasis on skills, experience, knowledge necessary to pursue international medical relief, development of international emergency medical systems and training, disaster management, and injury prevention.

Medical Quality Management & Patient Safety

Practice and leadership preparation in medical quality management and patient safety.

Emergency Ultrasound

Collaborative approach to bedside ultrasound, learning in the ED, echo lab and radiology suite.

Medical Education

The practice for preparing leadership in medical education administration, development, teaching and evaluation.