Department Head Update

Regions hospital plays a critical role in providing emergency care throughout the Twin Cities greater metro and western Wisconsin communities. The number of patients choosing Regions for emergency medical care is increasing and we are prepared. The emergency department’s vision to be a center of excellence for high quality affordable emergency care and a center of education and research excellence is the focus of department goals. With this vision in mind, our goals focus around ultrasound education, patient satisfaction, introducing a split flow emergency department, changes in the model of care of our psychiatric patients and designing a new ambulance arrival center.

Our emergency residents play critical roles in development of hospital and department quality and patient safety projects. Highlights are a hospital wide point of care ultrasound education program, treatment of sepsis patients using alerts and reviewing ordering patterns, instituting a prehospital EMS direct to CT scanner protocol that is seeing record arrival to clot buster results, reviewing best practice and instituting a safe hand-over process, and operationalizing an educational workshop for the entire department supporting the best patient experience.

The emergency medicine department at Regions is built on relationships of trust and confidence. I look forward to continued opportunities to engage, lead, and sustain the changes needed in the emergency healthcare system to benefit the health of the community we serve.

Kurt Isenberger, MD