Regions Hospital ED

The Regions Hospital Emergency Center is a Level I Adult and Pediatric Trauma Center located in St. Paul, MN, serving the east metropolitan Twin Cities area, including western Wisconsin. The emergency department (ED) is comprised of 50,000 square feet of clinical space with 55 treatment rooms. An additional 8,000 square feet houses the resident room, library, conference space and administrative offices.

The emergency department includes private rooms, in-department radiology suite, discharge pharmacy, waiting room and triage area, employee lounge and locker room, and five care areas (pods), including an 11-bed care pod for our crisis/behavioral health patients.

Emergency Center figures for 2015:

  • 83,055 patient visits
  • 5.0% pediatric patients (< 16)
  • 9.0% mental health patients
  • 3301 trauma admissions
  • 613 trauma team activations
  • 24% admission rate
  • 55% of all hospital admissions come from the ED