Why do a PA Fellowship

What is an Emergency Medicine Physician Assistant Fellowship?
A PA Fellowship in EM is an 18-month on the job training program. It includes rotations in the ED, SICU, MICU, Hospital Medicine, Toxicology, EMS, Anesthesia, Orthopedics and a Pediatric ED. There are currently 30 EM PA programs nationwide which vary in length from 12-18 months.

I have never heard of a PA fellowship?
A PA fellowship is an opportunity for a newly graduated PA to immerse themselves in their chosen profession. There are currently programs in most subspecialties of medicine including Surgery, CV Surgery, Ob-Gyn, Psychiatry, Orthopedics, Internal Medicine, Urology, ENT and Emergency Medicine.

Why Attend a Postgraduate Emergency Medicine Physician Assistant Fellowship Program?
Fellowship training allows PAs to refine their knowledge and skills to successfully integrate into the specialty of emergency medicine at an accelerated rate compared with on-the-job training. Having advanced clinical knowledge, procedural skills and critical care exposure will provide the PA with confidence and competence as they integrate into their career. This invaluable level of expertise is unlikely to be gained by self-study and onthe-job training.

Is the program only for new graduates?
No. Our fellowship program is open to both new graduates and more seasoned PA’s who are changing careers or seeking advanced training. Emergency medicine is a field where there are a high percentage of acutely ill and critically ill patients mixed in with those of lower acuity and it takes experience to learn how to manage these patients competently and efficiently. It is difficult to obtain this experience on the job.

What type of education is provided?
The PA Fellowship at Regions Hospital is designed to cover the entire EM curriculum. This is accomplished through didactics every Thursday. In addition to the didactics there is bedside teaching, simulation, procedure labs, ultrasound training and independent study. Feedback is given at the completion of each ED shift. Most of the educational opportunities and off-service rotations the PA residents are identical to the ones the MD residents complete.

What is the mission of the EM Fellowship at Regions Hospital?
The mission of the Emergency Medicine PA Fellowship Program is to provide a post-graduate specialty training program for physician assistants that will promote excellence in emergency department patient care with a focus on critical care knowledge and procedures. PA fellows will undergo intensive didactic and clinical training preparing them to be skilled partners in care delivery in emergency, acute care, and intensive care settings.

What is ACEP (American College of Emergency Physicians) position on Physician Assistants working in EM?
The American College Of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) is advocating for advanced training of PAs practicing in EM. Their position statement—“PA’s working in EDs should have or should acquire specific experience or specialty training in emergency care, should participate in a supervised orientation program, and should receive appropriate training and continuing education in providing emergency care.”

What do I get when I graduate?
After graduation PA fellows will be well positioned for a successful career in EM. We hope this to be your profession, not just a job. PA graduates receive a certificate from the HealthPartners IME and PA residency training will allow you to meet the qualifications for taking the NCCPA Quality Added Certificate (QAC) exam in EM.

What type of job will this prepare me for?
EM PA Fellowship training will prepare the graduate for an emergency medicine position in any setting – from rural and urban. The programs do not guarantee a substantial salary advantage, but graduates can negotiate for a higher salary commensurate with their level of experience.