Third Year Curriculum

Regions Emergency Department

  • 33.4 weeks
  • Responsibility for managing the clinical and administrative aspects of the department under faculty supervision
  • Responsibility for supervising and teaching medical students and junior residents from other services
  • Responsibility for all pediatric and medical resuscitations
  • Responsibility for airway management in trauma activations
  • PGY-3 emergency medicine residents will work approximately 45 hours per week.

Surgical Intensive Care

  • 5.2 weeks, split in to two shorter rotations
  • Resident has the same responsibility as PGY-3 surgical residents during trauma team activations
  • Resident has opportunities to direct and manage trauma resuscitations under supervision of Trauma Fellow, Surgical or Emergency Medicine staff

Hudson Hospital Emergency Department

  • 3.2 weeks
  • Community experience Hudson Hospital.

Pediatric Anesthesia

  • 1 week during Hudson block
  • Dedicated pediatric airway management in an ambulatory OR setting

Pediatric Emergency Department

  • Approx. 10 weekend shifts integrated into ED blocks
  • Treatment of pediatric patients with emergency and urgent medical and surgical problems
  • St. Paul Children’s Hospital


  • 4.2 weeks
  • Electives are self-designed and may include clinical time on a number of services, research, simulation, ultrasonography, etc.