I chose emergency medicine because I like the workup aspect of EM. I like the fact that one can perform a workup over the course of a couple hours instead of several days. The procedural aspect of emergency medicine is also why I chose it as I like working with my hands and enjoy sewing someone up or performing the random procedures a patient needs. EM also allows me to explore other avenues of medicine that I am interested in such as Sports Medicine. For me I kept comparing other rotations in medical school to EM and when I did that, I would find myself wanting to be in EM more than being in the OR or clinic.

I enjoy that residency is where truly the rubber meets the road. It’s “enjoyable” being in uncomfortable situations that require me to rely on my knowledge and application skills to take care of a patient. In residency we truly have the responsibility to take care of a patient which is scary but being in a place like Regions it allows me to fully take responsibility of my patients in an environment that is safe and effective for learning. I enjoy that I have co-interns who are going through the same struggles with me so that we all have a shared experience of difficult cases that we can talk about and support one another through. I also enjoy the fact that we get paid!

Josh Loiseau, MD (Class of 2023)

I was an officer in the Marine Corps for 7 years before finding my way to medicine. In the Marines, we train as teams to be prepared and ready to deploy anywhere at a moment’s notice. After leaving the military, I began missing the camaraderie and sense of purpose; luckily, I found my people again in EM: adventurous hard-working teams that are ready for anything that comes in the door.

These people are my colleagues, but also my close friends. We have an enriching group of staff and fellow residents that make for an incredibly supportive and safe learning environment.

Dan Hogan, MD (Class of 2022)

The emergency room is the only place in our country that a person can go for guaranteed healthcare. Isn’t that crazy? It still blows my mind. As an emergency medicine physician I have the privilege of providing care to people – whoever they are, wherever they come from, whatever they need, and whenever they need it – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Most of us have thought about being a doctor for years. We dream, we study, we observe… but in residency we are finally able to take care of our own patients. It isn’t always easy, but with a great support system of residents, faculty that are passionate about education and always willing to lend an ear, and patients that will teach you far more than you ever thought, there is no place I’d rather be. 

Megan Elsenheimer, DO (Class of 2022)

I chose emergency medicine because I wanted the opportunity to take care of undifferentiated patients in a high acuity environment. I love that we become skilled in a large variety of procedures. I also enjoy the teamwork aspect of emergency medicine. I wanted to be in a specialty that I did not have to worry about being on call, so that when I go home, I don’t have to worry about being called back into the hospital. Lastly, I wanted to be able to take care of patients from all walks of life. The emergency department is truly a safety net for our society’s most vulnerable people.

I enjoy working with my great co-residents. I have learned a ton from amazing staff that is always willing to teach.

Sean Condon, MD (Class of 2023)

I have always been someone that loves chaos and has the ability to stay calm in even the most stressful moments, which really helped me in deciding that emergency medicine was a good fit for me. I also enjoy the range of medicine I get to practice and how much research and room for improvement there always is. Lastly, I love knowing that the emergency department is a safe place for everyone, no matter their backstory.

I have never felt such an overwhelming feeling of support and camaraderie as I do in this residency. At any given moment, I have 32 people I can call or text at all hours if I need to talk (and that’s not taking into consideration the 20+ attendings I can reach out to at any time as well). I cannot imagine training anywhere other than Regions and I am so grateful I get to call this place home.

Jacy O’Keefe, MD (Class of 2022)

Emergency Medicine provides an avenue to take care for people at their scary low points, when you can be helpful by either providing a diagnostic solution or welcoming reassurance. It’s so fulfilling to be helpful to members of my community at critical points in their medical journey. 

THE PEOPLE! I can’t say enough good things about the supportive nature of this program and how great everyone is. It is so amazing to experience personal and academic growth surrounded by such a fabulous support system. 

River Cook, MD (Class of 2023)