Every time I have walked through the Regions ED doors, I have felt invested in as both a learner and an individual. I feel so incredibly lucky to be surrounded by mentors and co-residents that inspire me daily. The leadership team is exceptional and our community is so welcoming and supportive — I can’t imagine a better place to train!

Alora Sager, MD (Class of 2026)

I chose emergency medicine because it provides the awesome opportunity of being able to care for individuals presenting with a wide breadth of medical concerns and coming from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds. It is a field that truly feels as though you can always learn something new or interesting, even when managing a medical condition or performing a procedure that you perhaps have seen/performed several times in the past. Being a part of such a dynamic, diverse, and fast-paced field can be somewhat daunting at times, however, the reward of being able to help or provide comfort to patients and their families when they are at their most vulnerable point is a truly rewarding experience. As I continue to develop my own clinical practice, I am so thankful be part of a residency program that not only provides high-quality learning, but also surrounds you with an incredibly supportive team that I feel always has my back!

David Perez-Molinar, MD (Class of 2025)

Being at the bedside on a patient’s worst day and be present to hear their stories is what draws me into the field of EM. Despite the chaos that often draws us into the field of EM where you never know what might come through the doors of the ED, I know I always be supported by all the staff around me. The people including my co-residents, faculty, nurses and other ED staff members make me excited to work every day.

Eugene Ng, MD (Class of 2026)

I went into emergency medicine for chaos and public health, but at Region’s, I found so much more than that. We have diversity in thought and patients, high acuity, great resources, and wonderful people. I am humbled by the amount of love and support from my attendings, co-residents, and nurses – in both great and challenging cases. Our fabulous nurses, techs, and social workers make patient-centered care a daily standard. With a culture that fosters collaboration, wellness, and resilience, I am tremendously grateful to be part of the Region’s residency program. 

Stella Duong, MD (Class of 2025)