Clinical Simulation


Emily Binstadt, MD, MPH, Senior Staff, Director of Medical Simulation-Based Education and Research

Jessie Nelson, MD, Senior Staff, Director of Emergency Medicine Education Research

HealthPartners Clinical Simulation


High-Fidelity Full-Body Mannequins


  • Laedal SimMan 3G
  • Laerdal SimMan Essential
  • Gaumard Hal
  • Gaumard Noelle
  • Laerdal MegCode Kelly
  • Laerdal ALS Simulator


  • Gaumard 5 year old Hal
  • Gaumart 1 year old Hal
  • Laerdal Simbaby Classic

Computer Based Task Trainer 

  • CAE Vimedix Ultrasound Trainer

Standard Task Trainers

  • Simulab Trauma Man and Trauma Child
  • Blue Phantom Central Line
  • Joint Models for Injection and Arthrocentesis
  • Simulab Arterial Line Trainer
  • Simulab Lumbar Puncture Trainer
  • OB PROMPT Limbs & Things 
  • Blue Phantom Paracentesis & Thoracentesis


Toxicology (Tox)

Toxicology scenarios using the adult mannequins for the residents and students in the toxicology rotation.

Small-Group Simulations

Monthly case-based simulation sessions for residents and students led by EM faculty, aimed to improve hands-on familiarity and expertise with cases relevant to core content topic of the month.

Intern Procedure Orientation 

An introduction to common Emergency Medicine procedures and a chance to be familiar with our local procedural kits and to practice recommended methods before beginning residency.

Collaborative Simulation Day 

An opportunity to interact with other EM residents during simulation cases, compare unusual practices, and build networks with other local residency programs.

In-situ Simulations

On shift, there may be a simulated patient who “arrives” in the department, to help assess and improve operations, protocols, equipment, or spaces. Simulation Fellowship has been considered, and could be available to interested candidates.

Medical Student Workshop (MSW)

Medical and Trauma Resuscitation workshop for 3rd and 4th year medical students on their EMS rotations. Facilitated by EM G-2 and G-3 and utilizing high fidelity simulation manikins.