Duties and Supervision

Elective Rotations


To define the process for requesting your elective rotation.


Elective time is scheduled for 4 weeks in the EM-3 year. Various opportunities exist within the current system for enhancing resident education. These include experiences within the HealthPartners system, at other facilties, or internationally.

Submit elective requests to the assistant program director 6 weeks prior to the rotation. If an away rotation is requested, proposals must be submitted by August 15th.  International away electives require extra arrangements and should be initiated several months in advance.  There is no guarantee that electives away will be approved or financially supported—this depends on the location, dates, and content of the proposed rotation. 

The following are needed for elective evaluation and approval:

1.       Goals and Objectives

2.       Supervisor

3.       Evaluator (who will evaluate you and what criteria will be used)

4.       Schedule of activities – What activities will be included in the rotation? )Shifts, clinics,  research, teaching, rounds, etc.)

Residents with questions about elective possibilities should contact the Program Director or elective liaison to discuss their desired elective activities.  Many opportunities take time and resources to arrange.  There may be residency or GME financial support available for electives outside HealthPartners. 



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August 13, 2009


Evaluation and Feedback

To provide clear details about how residents can expect to provide and receive feedback.


Off-Service Evaluations
Monthly evaluations are solicited from every service. These evaluations are kept in the resident file in the Coordinator’s office and are available for resident review at any time. Residents are requested to complete an evaluation upon completion of each rotation. This feedback is reviewed annually with the service rotation directors.
ED Shift Evaluations
Residents are required to present an evaluation card to the senior staff at the end of each shift. These cards are sent to the Program Assistant to be compiled and are kept in the resident file. Throughout the residency, a comprehensive review of each resident will be completed twice a year. This review will include a summary of your performance and determines if there is continued progress toward the goals listed in the graduation requirements.
Semi-annual Evaluations
Residents are evaluated by the Residency Director twice a year.
The evaluations consist of:
   1. Written evaluation by faculty
   2. ED Performance
   3. Off Service Evaluations
   4. Oral exam results
   5. Inservice exam results
   6. Procedure Log
   7. Ultrasound examinations
   8. Resuscitation Review
   9. Patient Follow-up
  10. Conference Attendance
  11. Workshop (attendance/teaching)
  12. CORD tests
  13. Medical Records/Deficiencies
  14. Completion of service/faculty/program evals
  15. Nursing evaluation
  16. Peer evaluation
Program Evaluation
Residents are required to provide feedback on the residency program. These anonymous evaluations are done using a web- based system. Results are reviewed annually with the faculty and residents.
Faculty Evaluation
Residents are required to provide feedback on the EM faculty. These anonymous evaluations are done using a web-based system. Results are forwarded to the Department Head.


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April 7, 2010