Mission, Vision and Values

Mission—Why we’re here:

  • To train and mentor the next generation of highly competent, humanistic
    Emergency Physicians to be successful in any clinical setting and become leaders
    in Emergency Medicine.

Vision—Where we’re headed:

  • Our goal is to be a world-class residency program, which not only trains
    outstanding emergency physicians, but also helps define the future practice of
    emergency medicine through innovation, research and advocacy.

Values—How we act:

  • Have a positive team atmosphere where students, residents, fellows, faculty and residency administrative personnel can work, learn, educate and deliver state of the art care
  • Meet or exceed all ACGME standards
  • Remain a dynamic residency through transparent feedback mechanisms and forward strategic planning
  • Recruit motivated, humanistic applicants with strong interpersonal skills
  • Advise and mentor residents to help them achieve their ideal jobs and fellowships through individualized pathways
  • Continue to involve residents in operations, administration, technology and quality as part of the core EM curriculum.
  • Focus on resident wellness to emphasize early in resident’s careers the importance of a work-life balance.
  • Provide a comprehensive residency curriculum, including clinical rotations, conferences, and procedural experiences, to prepare residents to successfully pass ABEM examinations and be highly competent to independently practice EM
  • Have conferences that are active, innovative, positive learning experiences using small groups, simulation and adult learning theories
  • Encourage resident and faculty scholarship
  • Strive for a career-long learning and collaboration pathway for our alumni
  • Be engaged contributors and partners to the Emergency Medicine Department, HealthPartners/Regions Hospital, the University of Minnesota Medical School and our community.
  • Foster open and honest relationships with our educational partners
  • Be humble, respectful, active members of the national EM residency network
  • Aim to improve the health of our population, improve the patient experience and affordability of care